Lucid Open Space event

Lucid’s first event for artists and writers is just over a week away!

“By bringing people together, we want to see what opportunities there are for artists to generate their work from a position of shared strength and resilience. This Lucid event aims to encourage people to explore their ideas through conversation and new connections.”

Simon Harris, Lucid

Lucid invites you to take part in an Open Space event for theatre writers and others passionate about new writing.

Lucid wants to invite writers to think, debate, plan and talk about the topics that really matter to them; is a culture of new writing flourishing? What do you want to see happen? What needs to change?

Open Space brings people together with the belief that the right people for the right conversation are in the room. There are no speakers and no agenda. Those present make the agenda. If a conversation doesn’t do it for you, then use ‘the law of two feet’ and move on to something that does.

This is an exciting opportunity for writers to get together and set their own call to action.

In association with Chapter and The Writers Guild of Great Britain,

Lucid: The Writer’s Space

Sat 5 March 2011, 10am – 6pm in The Stwdio, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

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