What was talked about at Lucid?


Here are the topics and questions posted in response to these at the Lucid Open Space event in Chapter:


The Writer and their process:

–       If I know my play why do I have to write the script?

–       How do I know if my ideas are good enough?

–       When is the right time to ‘let a play go’?

–       How can writers build processes to test and develop their ideas?

–       Is there a need for ‘try out’ space

–       Should writers collaborate with video artists or visual artists from the seed of an idea?


The Writer and the path to production:

–       How do writers connect with people who will produce their work?

–       How do I get people interested in my work?

–       Are we giving new writers the right chances?

–       How do you get your work funded if you don’t have affiliation with an established company?

–       What is a literary manager?

–       Should there be more emphasis on development of plays after readings?

–       What scale of production do we want?

–       How can writers and directors build better and more sustainable relationships?

–       How can we manage crossover between different types of writing/performance?



The Writer and the profession:

–       How to remain motivated?

–       What is new writing?

–       What is the future of new writing?

–       Why aren’t there any collaborative writing programmes in Wales for young writers?

–       What is the best way to maximize work opportunities for writers?

–       Why aren’t we banging on the doors of London (or other) theatres?


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