Taking action

One of the last things we did was to ask everyone present what one action they would undertake after the day. Here are updates from some of the participants:

Sarah Argent has spoken to Theatr Iolo and found out that the company’s rehearsal room can be available for writers when it’s not in use otherwise. Contact Iolo for details.

Jonah Jones has sent off his film.

Louise Osborn will be working on her film project next.

Othniel Smith has contacted other participants and developed some links.

Amanda Rackstraw collaborated with some musicians to perform one of her short stories at In Chapters recently.

Bambo Soyinka has been in contact with a few of the participants and will be meeting them.

Carolina Vasquez has set up a few meetings with people to see if there are overlaps with her work as a video-maker.

Alan Harris contacted Sherman Cymru about running another Young Writers course and has been told that it is on their radar.

Adam Timms finished and submitted his Verity Bargate Award script and spoke to a few other participants about the network proposal.

Maeve Scullion followed up on her contact with Darren and Becky from Cardiff University.

Leona James finished her text piece for Bath Fringe (Visual Arts) Festival.

Well done everybody and keep us posted about your various endeavours!

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