Staging a Coup: Cardiff University

Participants Becky Hill and Darren James Coles from Cardiff University are organising Staging a Coup: New Writing 2011 which is happening this Thursday (March 31st). It’s an evening showcasing the new writing of students at Cardiff University and promises to be a very exciting evening!

The evening will comprise of seven, fifteen-minute plays which are written, directed and performed by members of Act One, and described and ordered as follows:


Writer: Helen Langdon
Direktor: Will Palmer
Cast: Jessica Taylor (Freya), James Rhys Davies (John), Lottie Davies (The body)
Synopsis: Naturalistic dark comedy. John and Freya decide on how they should dispose of the body of a dead woman that Freya has recently killed.

Writer & direktor: Becky Hill
Cast: Iona S.M. (Pierrot), Sonia Dewan (Baby), Sam Blythe (Marionette), Alex Mann (Jack In The Box), Sarah O’Brien (Ragdoll)
Synopsis: Abstract drama (once removed). Victorian toys are consumed by the fear of responsibility and the guilt that accompanies modern-day avarice.

Writer & direktor: Elin Williams
Cast: Charlie Hammond (Adam), Ellie Barrow (Ronnie), Emily Napier (Mime)
Synopsis: Self-referential comedy. Adam, an actor without stage presence, struggles (sometimes physically) with recollections of his past auditions.

Writer & direktor: Luc Owen Tudor
Cast: Simon Gibbs (Man), Madison Fowler (Woman), Charlotte Mcleod (Visitor)
Synopsis: Tragi-comedy in one act. Misunderstandings are abound, as a disabled man finds it difficult to speak his mind to those who care for him.


Writer & direktor: Darren J. Coles
Cast: James Davies (Mr. Lessing), Lucy Welford (Bethan), Harriet Clayton (Sophie), Todd Elliot (Chris), Tom Webb (Nathan)
Synopsis: Essay play. Mr. Lessing and his class of disinterested students visit a museum and discuss the purpose of art and the nature of perception.

Writer: Piers Horner
Direktor: George Robinson
Cast: Dom Gwyther (Old Man), Adam Feltham (Young Man)
Synopsis: Memory play. A young man appears in a room with no recollection of his past life, only after a conversation with an older man does he begin to remember the tumultuous relationship with his wife.

Writers & direktors: Ben Atterbury & Hattie Lamb
Cast: Greg Davies (Man), Kerrie Nicholson, Amy Davies, Laura Williams, Tom Parry-Jones, Ed Thomas, Helly Wealleans (Chorus), Colette Hazen (Violin)
Synopsis: Symbolist drama. A man meditates on the passing of time, the fluctuations of memory and the inevitability of death.

It’s being held in CF10 (First floor of the Student’s Union) and doors open at 7pm and the performance will begin at 7.30pm. Tickets £3.50.
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