Clwyd Theatr Cymru and new writing

Adam Somerset was at Clwyd Theatr Cymru recently and had a useful chat with some of its team about its approach to new writing. Here’s his short report:

I met with Kate Wasserberg and Lora Davies at Mold before seeing “Gaslight. ”  The good news is that they consider the demand  for new writing, new plays to be undiminished, even in the current climate. The second piece of good news is that they read every submisison themselves.  (I have seen, a good while back, a reader’s report that revealed quite a narrow aesthetic.) There are no volunteers, no aspirant playwrights; scripts are read by real directors with an eye and an ear to what works on stage.

The downside is that they receive a lot of submissions.  A rule of thumb used to be that the Royal Court and Bush receive 1000-1500  a year. I think it has got up to around  2500 now. While the numbers received in  Mold are less they are still considerable.

They are always interested in new Welsh work but they are not exclusive. Lastly, they are not Sherman Cymru , there is no literary manager as such and the new play reading is in addition to the main work of directing. Turning a submission around will take time; please be patient.

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2 Responses to Clwyd Theatr Cymru and new writing

  1. Wendy Evans says:

    Some years ago my friend and I wrote a comedy play, which of course we had many hours of fun in producing. I am told that Theatre clwyd might look at the work in view to using the material. Could you advise please.

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