What are we going to do about training and (retaining) young artists as future leaders?

Proposed by = Jain Boon

Participants = Simon Harris. Joined by = Ellen Groves, Sarah Argent, Kevin Lewis

JB: I am interested in Leadership Training for young people (not emerging artists) but for young people who are awaiting Drama School training or young people who have trained and are interested in the role of leadership. I am wondering whether there may be a place for Youth Theatres to be able to provide this training? We have a few young people who are not working and are waiting to train. There have been a couple of opportunities recently from companies Mess up the mess and theatre versus oppression that have provided leadership opportunities and they have relished this training. Some young people on B Tech performing arts courses have to look at the process of setting up a company and quite often they just want you to spoonfeed them.

SH: Well, unfortunately, some young people just want to be led.

JB: Yes we have had young people sending us(Gwent Theatre) questionnaires but not wanting to come and meet us and talk to us

SH: Phil Mackenzie at Sherman Cymru offers mentoring to some older Youth Theatre members. Maybe there is an opportunity through ACW’s ‘Reach The Heights’ funding – some of the young people you mention may be able to benefit from this money, its focus is on inclusion especially for young people who are not in education, employment or training.

JB: We have been looking at ‘Contact’ in Manchester for inspiration they have young people on their Board of Management.


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