Lucid Open Space @ Sherman Cymru: Where are all the producers?

Open Space: Where are all the producers?

Fri 19th October 2012

6.30pm at Sherman Cymru, Senghenydd Road, Cardiff.

Hosted by Lucid

Have you got work you want to do, but you’re held back by the thought of producing it?

Is setting up a company and multi-tasking the only way forward?

What is a “creative” producer? Are they just a fantasy of the funders?

Isn’t producing just about making it up as you go along?

Do administrators make the best producers?

Is “selling” the producer’s job? And why is “selling” a dirty word?

An invitation from Lucid’s friend Mathilde Lopez, Theatre Director, Artistic director of August 012:

“This is Lucid’s third Open Space and this time I get the chance to host one of the discussions that will take place there…

So I am asking: Where are all the producers? 

I recently started my own company and have great difficulty to imagine making theatre without that tight collaboration between the director & a producer. I believe this relationship is structural to the development of a company/project and find the default self-producing tendency unsatisfying.  

So come and join me at the Sherman on the 19th October 2012 to define and find out who are the future theatre producers of Wales.”

Full details:


6.30pm – 10.30pm


Sherman Cymru,
Senghennydd Road
CF24 4YE

Lucid’s third Open Space is an opportunity to meet up with artists, arts professionals and audiences and to bring your perspective out into the open.

All ages, genders and opinions are welcome, so feel free to continue the inspiring discussions that took place at previous events and at Improbable’s Devoted & Disgruntled Roadshow.

The session will utilise the Open Space process which gives anyone the chance to propose a starting point for discussion, take part in a conversation, or move between them all.

This event is free.

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