Phillip Mackenzie’s invitation to join the Lucid Open Space @ Sherman Cymru

This is what I love about Open Space… The starting points are conversations. You meet people as people, not as their job titles or CVs. It’s how it should be really, but as you and I both know, it’s not like that most of the time. So that’s why I’m inviting you. Because without you there is no event. What you bring is questions, thoughts, suggestions and the more (and the greater the range) of those there are the healthier, the more meaningful the event will be. I have loads of questions myself: How can I support more people to make the best theatre they can? What does being a producer really mean out there? How do I make more useful partnerships and with whom? At a guess though, the most important things I’m likely to take away are the things I haven’t even thought of – but you have……

Hope to see you on Friday.


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