Questions questions questions…


Lucid’s Xmas Open Space: What’s a theatre maker’s utopia?

Isn’t “scratch” work just a cheap way of making under-performing venues look good?

Is it “work in progress” or “development hell”?

When is a piece of work “finished”?

Why should any audience care about a “script-in-hand” performance?

Does excessive “development” take away the imperfection that makes something interesting?

How do you get feedback in from an audience and how do you know what to listen to?

Fri 7th December 2012

6.30pm at Chapter (First Space), Market Road, Cardiff CF5 1QE.

Hosted by Lucid

The event is free. 

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1 Response to Questions questions questions…

  1. pedran says:

    Sounds useful – see yer 6.30 🙂

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