A Place for the Producers…

Last year, Lucid hosted a couple of events for Wales-based producers in order to exchange ideas and share experiences. Change is always a part of theatre and the role of producer is very much contributing to some major shifts in how things are happening at the moment. But many people who are producers don’t have that title. And many people who call themselves producers find that their experience and skill-set limits their ability to perform all aspects of the role. And what is a producer anyway? Isn’t it just another name for an administrator?  Or is a producer someone who instigates a creative project and makes it happen?

After a conversation with freelance producer Laura Drane and John Williams at Theatr Iolo, we thought it was a good time to revisit this conversation and take it further. Around thirty producers from different artforms came to our evening session at Chapter on 24th September. It was very interesting to see how a range of producers from emerging and mid-career to experienced, including independents and those within organisations, were so eager to eager with each other and so ready to discuss the things that excited and challenged them.

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