Guided tour No. 1# with film maker Wyndham Price

The next strand of Lucid’s unique mentoring and development programme for artists is under way. Lucid asked five leading arts practitioners from Wales to go on a walk in a place that they found personally inspirational and to act as a “guide” to somebody in the early stages of their career.

On Sunday, filmmaker Wyndham Price (Spinning Head Films) met with young television producer Benjamin Jenkins for a walk in the Swansea valley near Wyndham’s childhood home of Abercraf on the edge of the Brecon Beacons. The walk began in Caehopcyn where Wyndham recalled his father, who was a miner, experimenting with Super 8 films of the family. Later on Ben and Wyn walked further up the valley along the old disused railway line at Pen Wyllt.  This was where Wyn recalls spending several weeks one summer aged eleven watching Richard Attenborough shooting the Boer War sequences for his film Young Winston starring Simon Ward and based on the early life of Winston Churchill. As Wyndham puts it: “I was there every morning at the crack of dawn and was mortified when the shoot was over.  I think I decided I wanted to make films there and then.”


Benjamin Jenkins is currently a producer working on Casualty at Porth Teiger – the BBC Drama Village in Cardiff Bay. A graduate of the University of Glamorgan and with an MA in Film Producing and Business Management, Ben began his career attached to Stephen Fry’s production company Sprout Pictures.

Thanks to Hannah Raybould from Skillset – Media Academy Wales who nominated Ben.

Ben and Wyn got on like a house on fire and had salmon and chips for their dinner.

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