Producers’ Place: Notes 2#

Tues 24 Sept, 7.00-9.30, A Place for the Producers, Chapter

#producersplace and

Notes from “What Excites you as a Producer?” discussion


“Seeing the development of an artist”

“Seeing participants really getting something out of it”

“Creating something that exceeds audience expectation”

“Being in a position to enable work I believe in”

“Audiences coming to see work and enjoying it”

“A great idea”


“My work and how people/audiences respond”

“Excitement of growing an idea . . . From tiny seeds to mighty . . . Grow!!”

“Making things happen”

“Making it real”

“Making something work”

“Seeing it all come together”

“Love the rush when it works”

“Building/Making things”

“Meeting new people and creating new stuff”

“End results. Making things happen.”

“Finding something which feels obviously right”

New (Different Hues of New):

“New ways of telling stories.”

“Finding a new project”

“Post-dramatic Theatre blooming in so many different expressions”

“Being free to propose amazing ideas”



“The unexpected and the new.”

“New approaches, new possibilities”

“Meeting new people and creating new stuff”

“I’m excited by the way things are changing and have to change – Innovation Impact”

“New Spaces (Digital)”

“Potential/New Ideas”

“Newness and Emerging Sector”

“New Stuff”


“Wales and International”


“National Remit”

Role Definition:

“Flexibility of term Producer”

“Many Faceted Role”


“Blending practices that create innovative work.”

“Relationships that work!”

“Making connections, links and networks.”

“Borrowing working practices from other Creative Industries”

“Inspiring Others”

“Gaining support from other professionals.”

“Getting others involved.”

“Working with Artists”

Lone Rangers:

“Making Stuff Commercial”



“Everything starts with Producer and ends with Producer.”

“Owning the Product (IP, Respect, £)”

“. . . nothing . . I’m bored with it – I’m an Artist.”

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