Inspiring walk with Wyndham Price

I was both surprised and thrilled to be asked to participate in this mentoring opportunity. The day turned out to be much than I had hoped for and the conversations I had with Wyndham throughout really inspired me to pursue my dreams of producing feature films.

In total Wyndham took me to three places that have inspired him throughout his career.  The first place we walked was near a place called ‘Two Bridges’ near Windham’s childhood home. This location featured in a stage play that Wyndham wrote. He pressed upon me that a simple location, which he enjoyed playing by during his childhood, can inspire a whole production.

The second place we went to was near the Neath and Brecon railway. This was where, as a child, Wyndham watched Richard Attenborough direct Young Winston. He mentioned that filming took place throughout his school summer holidays, so he was able to go up and watch every day. The location doubled for the Transvaal where Winston Churchill fought in the Boar War.

Then we enjoyed a pub lunch during which I was able to ask Wyndham about his experiences of financing feature films, an area in which I am particularly interested. I felt very privileged that he was offering so much information and directing me to lots of reading material.

After lunch we visited Wyndham’s old rugby club, which he hadn’t been to for the best part for 20 years. As we walked in he was instantly recognised and we spent an enjoyable 45 minutes chatting about the club and his very successful playing career.

On the drive back to Cardiff I was trying to absorb as much information as I could as Wyndham was happy to divulge a lot of very useful anecdotes and areas to look at.

As mentioned before, I found the whole day a privilege to participate in. The idea of the inspiring walk as an alternative to the usual networking / mentoring opportunities is genius and made for a life changing day for me.

Written by Benjamin Jenkins

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