Director Ffion Haf Jones talks about her walk with Marc Rees

DPP_433‘What day is it today?’ asked Marc Rees on the 8th November as we were looking at Dylan Thomas’s grave that noted ‘Died 9th November 1953’. What a coincidence that would have been! A walk around Laugharne was a joyful experience as Marc Rees shared his artistic vision in great detail. It’s interesting to see how an artist, like Marc, discovers what gives a location its identity? Immersing himself in the village’s day to day activities, getting to know the village’s regulars and characters is important to him as well as studying the landscapes natural rhythms and historical context. Walking around Dylan Thomas’s home of writing allowed time to stand still and the imagination to play. From peeping your head into the writing shed and then onwards to a nice warm ‘Cawl’ at the Boat House, the endless artistic possibilities Marc brought to the village was enriching. I realised that being surrounded by people and allowing coincidences to happen, is just as part of the creative process as forming ideas and developing concrete work. You need to allow the imagination to be free, and the exterior world to feed you opportunities.

As a theatre director, time can be a precious thing and one can sometimes rush ideas to get the work done. But what Marc showed me that day was the more you relax and truly take notice of the world around you, the possibilities for creative experiments are already there. Trusting your ideas and motivations is an extremely important habit, and only through practice and perseverance can artistic work truly flourish.

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