Guided tour No. 5# with Lucy Davies

Sarah and Lucy 5If you’re writing your first play, here’s my advice: take it to someone just starting out at the Donmar who will one day become Executive Director at The Royal Court. That’s what happened to me. Lucy Davies was a young producer working with Sam Mendes at the Donmar and came to see a show based on a novel I’d adapted and directed. She asked what I was planning next and I began talking about this mad comedy set in a second-hand goods shop. It eventually became my play Badfinger, which featured Rhys Ifans, Jason Hughes, Bob Blythe and Richard Mylan. From that point on, Lucy backed the idea against all the odds. She found us the money to produce the play, she recommended me to a great Literary agent and I got nominated for a London Evening Standard Drama Award. Lucy has been an amazing supporter and advocate ever since I have known her. As a producer, she doesn’t just makes things happen (as all producers should) but makes impossible things possible. And she does so in the most positive and radiant way. I’ve been lucky to have worked with her and kept in touch, as she has moved from the Donamr to film production to the RNT Studio back to the Donmar and via National Theatre Wales to The Royal Court. I couldn’t think of anybody that I’d rather have or who could be better as a mentor to a young producer. Lucy took Sarah Jane Leigh on a walk from Sloane Square to Covent Garden – both areas she has come to know well on her professional journey.

You can see Lucy’s introduction to her walk here:

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