Meet The Producers #2: Sarah Jane Leigh – Producers Place Oct 11th

Sarah Jane Leigh is a guest on our panel discussion on October 11th at Chapter.

Name  Sarah Jane Leigh
Age  27
How do you describe what you do? I am inspired by the artists I work with and have a passion for supporting them to make and promote the work they are compelled to create.

I am interested in exploring the way that art forms can collaborate and inform each other. It is important to me that all of my work is digitally connected, because I see the internet as an exciting and innovative space for the Arts to create within, share work and explore.

I have a practical knowledge of the performing arts which means that I have a diverse range of skills to offer the creative individuals and organisations I work with. I strive to combine creativity with structure and efficiency, making sure there is a balance between the two elements of my work. It is my responsibility to create organised and strong structures in which creativity can flourish.

How did you get started? I went to University at Goldsmith’s and studied Drama and Theatre Arts as a degree and then did a Master’s in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy. I worked for a small theatre company as an Assistant Producer for free to gain experience and then started to gain experience through National Theatre Wales TEAM and working for individual artists.
What work are you proudest of?  Can’t choose 🙂
What’s been the most challenging? Working independently outside of an organisation.
What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone wanting to do what you do? To just do it. Gain as much experience as possible by shadowing and gaining work experience, and then just going out there and doing it. Don’t be afraid to not know the answers, it’s all about problem solving and finding them!
What’s your ambition for theatre from Wales? I would like for the talent of Wales to be shown internationally. I would like to see artists be supported to be more challenging and inventive with their work, and to be paid fairly to do this.
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