Meet The Producers #7: Deborah Keyser – Producers’ Place October 11th

Here’s another of our producers… Deborah Keyser. Deborah will be involved in the break out session looking at Booking A Tour.

Producers’ Place #4: Meet The Producers is this coming Saturday. Some tickets are still available here:

Name Deborah Keyser
Age Forty-seven-and-a-third
How do you describe what you do? My role as Director of Creu Cymru is diverse… at any one time we’re producing and managing tours, brokering relationships between makers and presenters, facilitating consortium working, developing new productions/events, delivering Continual Professional Development for our members, connecting with international networks, consulting with ACW…
How did you get started? A circuitous route: from performing, through working for the BBC, stints in journalism and PR, to opera producing, orchestra management, festival administration… and plop into the Welsh presenting sector.
What work are you proudest of? So many fantastic projects – but most recently, being part of the team that gave Creu Cymru a new, very relevant direction following the ACW investment review of 2010.
What’s been the most challenging? Being part of the team that gave Creu Cymru a new direction following the ACW investment review of 2010!
What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone wanting to do what you do? Listen; talk (not at the same time); think; understand; plot; DO.
What’s your ambition for theatre from Wales? That more makers are enabled to make world-class work; that makers and presenters collaborate to develop that work and to thrill more and more (and more) people with it. Amen.
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